In Case You Missed It: Coors Light “Search For The Coldest” Chicago

Each word delivered mental punches. The mic catapulted magnetic energy, and the audience soaked every ounce.  Coors Light “Search for the Coldest” 8 city tour united hip hop heads from every corner in the country, providing a platform for emerging artists to showcase their talent.
The MC battle competition took over the unforgiving streets of the windy city in search of the coldest unsigned hype. “I’m excited to be in Chicago, I think Chicago is a vibrant city when it comes to MC’s,” confesses host DJ Drama.
The standing room only event featured passionate aspiring freestylers with celebrity judges such as Bun B, Ice Cube and Big Sean. Chicago’s own Twista and Katie Got Bandz performed their chart toppers.
“Stop the killing in Chicago!” shrieked legendary rapper Ice Cube, a passionate, genuine call to action in response to the violence in Chicago.
Artists shined and delivered their lyrical best with rhythmic wordplay and refreshing bars over classic instrumentals. The crowd eagerly participated each MC’s performance; rocking their bodies, swaying their arms to the beat, and nodding their head to the bass amidst the hot stage lights.
Mr. Hyde, crowned Chicago’s coldest MC, likeability, style, and delivery were all components to his winning bout in the heavy weight rap challenge. His coveted win gave him the golden ticket to the New York finale. Over 3,000 entries fought for a DJ Drama produced track and a verse featuring Bun B in addition to $20,000.
The Search for the Coldest competition proved an artists creativity and stage presence. Free styling expose weaknesses by revealing vulnerability and talent. And competitors delivered like their lives depended on it.
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